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Looping Trick Ladder
The Looping Ladder follows the same rules and format as the String Trick Ladder - with the following exceptions:

- Unlike the String Trick Ladder, there is no restriction on who can enter (players who have entered both the String Trick Ladder and any of the main Freestyle Divisions may enter).

- Players may, if they wish, use different yo-yos for the single-handed and double-handed looping tricks (e.g. a ProYo could be used for the single handed looping tricks, and a pair of Raiders for the 2-handed tricks).

- Should a player's looping yo-yo cork screw during a looping trick, as long as the player is able to regain control and perform the additional loop cleanly, then a pass will be allowed.

- In the event of a tie - the player who got furthest up the ladder before making a miss wins. Should there still be a tie at this point, a loop off will take place and the player who performs the most repetitions of loop-the-loop will win!

Looping Trick List:

1. Forward Pass

2. Around the World

3. Breakaway

4. Tidal Wave

5. Inside Loops (3 Reps)

6. Outside Loops (5 Reps)

7. Time Warp

8. Hop the Fence (5 Reps)

9. Planet Hop (3 Reps)

10. Sidewinder Inside and Outside

11. Warp Drive (3-Regens)

12. Reach for the Moon (5 Reps)

13. Inside Outside Loops (10 Reps)

14. Vertical Punches (5 Reps)

15. Punching Bag (5 Reps)

16. 2-hand Loops (5 Reps)

17. Milk the Cow (5 Reps)

18. Ride the Horse (10 Reps)

19. Loops and Reach for the Moon (10 Reps)

20. 2-hand Vertical Punches (10 Reps)

21. Sword and Shield (3 Reps)

22. Staircase

23. Kurukuru Milk (5 Reps)

24. One Hand Arm Wraps (3 Loop Wraps)

25. Tangler