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UK National Yo-Yo Contest Rules

This year's contest will follow the standard BYYA rules and regulations:

Trick Ladder Rules:

A count or a miss is defined by the traditional BYYA standard. These are:

1 If more than 5 inches of the string remain outside the Yo-Yo it is a miss.

2 There will be a trick box/circle; ANY throw inside the trick box will be counted as an attempt.

3 When on stage and not in the trick box/circle ONLY the following throws are allowed; Gravity Pull, Sleeper, Forward Pass, UFO, 1 loop and string/gap adjustments.

4 A contestant must use the same Yo-Yo for all tricks. (Excluding Tiebreakers).

5 Judges decision is final.

Freestyle Rules

Over the past couple of years different judging techniques have been used for Freestyles, this has helped judges see the pros and cons of each different system. The following system has come about with influences from past BYYA UK competitions, the AYYA and the World Yo-Yo Contest.

This year we will be implementing 1 minute freestyle qualification for the Single A division. Rather than compulsory tricks, players will perform a 1 minute freestyle, attempting to rack up the highest amount of points within this minute (performance, choreography, etc, will not be counted - so simply rack up as many points as you can!).

The top 10 players will then progress through to perform a 3 minute finals freestyle.

Similarly, AA and X will implement 3 minute finals - however there will be no pre-qualification for these divisions.

70% of the total Freestyle score will be awarded for technically ability. Points for difficult string hits, holds, transitions and quantity will be awarded.

30% of the total Freestyle score will be awarded for showmanship and originality. Points for style, originality, chorography and stage presence will be awarded.

Points will be deducted for obvious mistakes, loss of control, winds and change of equipment.

Points are either taken down with the use of clickers or tallies.

A competitor can be disqualified from the competition if they are found to be attempting to find out results before they are publicly announced at the competition. Judges should not be asked to comment on the other judges' findings. All judging papers and results should be submitted to the BYYA. The BYYA has the right to publish the full results.

The head judge has the final decision.

Freestyle music must be suitable for all audiences (no swearing)