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About the BYYA
Details regarding the BYYA - it's background, purpose, aims and goals

The British Yo-Yo Association (BYYA) was set up in 1998 to regulate and run Yo-Yo contests. This still remains a strong driving force behind the BYYA.

The main aim of the new BYYA is to help further promote the UK Yo-Yo scene. We aim to do in several different ways:

1. Acting as a regulator for Yo-Yo contests within the UK - ensuring that officially BYYA sanctioned contests meet the basic criteria laid out by the association.

2. To be a hub for anyone seeking out information about Yo-Yoing within the UK, be you a player, a sponsor or just someone with a general interest in the sport and hobby of Yo-Yo. We will provide information to get you started, plus links to various stores where you can purchase Yo-Yos and recommended websites/videos where you can learn new skills.

3. Give regular updates on the UK Yo-Yo community itself - this may include (but is not limited to) - demos, meets, events, contests and player features/biographies.

The BYYA is currently run by a small group of volunteers who all share the same passion for Yo-Yoing. They are:

Arron Sparks | Luke Roberts | Simon Welch | Krisztian Kaluzsa

If you have any queries regarding the BYYA - please don't hesitate to contact us via email on