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UK National Yo-Yo Contest 2017

Saturday 3rd June 2017

Divisions - 1A,1Aqual,InternationalOpen,TrickLadder,X

Hi everyone!

This year's UK National Yo-Yo Contest has now been booked and pre-registration is now open.

How do I pre-register?

- If you haven't already, please create a BYYA account (you just need an email address). Once you have done so and logged in, come back to this Event page and choose the division(s) you wish to compete in from the radio button options to the right --->

Once you have registered, you can then - either now or at a later date - upload any music via the options to the right.

(If you have any problems, please email, or message us via the Facebook Event page, or Yoyo Village Forum).

Please also check out the official Facebook event for all the latest info:

UK National Yo-Yo Contest - Event Page

BYYA Sanctioned : Yes
Head Organiser(s) : Grace Welch / Luke Roberts
Head Judge: Simon Blount

When: Saturday June 3rd, 2017
Where: Ascape Studios - Bromley, London
Train Station : Bromley South


Ascape Studios
Unit 4
21 Waldo Road
Kent BR1 2QX


Single A
Trick Ladder
Looping Ladder
International Open

--- SPONSORS ---

CORE Sponsors:

Smashing Yo-yo Company
sOMEThING by YoyoAddict
YoyoFactory Europe

Supporting Sponsors:

Magic Yo-Yo
MonkeyfingeR Design

**Schedule will be posted shortly**

- Luke

Registered for 1A (15)

Josh V (Ciczlow)
Luna Harran (sonicpineapple)

Registered as spectating (7)

Roland Thomas-Biason (maivelle)

Registered for InternationalOpen (3)

Registered for TrickLadder (2)

Registered for X (3)

Luna Harran (sonicpineapple)